Who are we?

We are a group of sales- and marketing professionals. As we have a large office and don’t take all the space, we would like to share this wonderful office with you for co-working.
And it´s so much better to work together so we are please to welcome everyone who needs a place to work hard and relax when needed.
As we both travel regularly for our jobs, we won’t be in the office all the time, but with our small group of regular co-workers we have a sort of ´organised anarchy´

What do we offer?

We provide you with a comfortable, well equipped place to work, but also to relax. We believe that you only can perform well if there is a good balance in between focus on the work and moments to relax.
´Going to the office´ should be fun and we think that we facilitate in that.
The office is light, quiet and complete. The terrace outside is a great place to work in the morning with an espresso or to relax now and then.
We have 24/7 access and no limitations in the use of the space.